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Monday, March 28, 2011

Multitudes on Monday

We had a really great weekend. Saturday morning we went and handed out socks and gloves to homeless people down in Sacramento. It was really rotten weather; windy, rainy and cold! It really made us appreciate all the more when we got into our warm car when we were done and headed back to our warm, dry house. The kids all did amazing. I was sure they were going to complain and ask when we would be heading home, but they were so kind, and it was just wonderful to see them thinking of others before themselves. We had some great conversations about how blessed we are after that experience. It really got me excited about the 30 days of service starting FRIDAY! 

44. Waking up with energy
45. Singing at the top of our lungs, driving
46. Going for an unplanned run and feeling great afterwards
47. Fun, unexpected hail storms that cover the ground in ice!
48. The hot cocoa that ensues after such a hailstorm
49. Sipping tea on a rainy morning
50. Green traffic lights!
51. Handing out socks and gloves to cold homeless people
52. Coming home to our warm house afterwards
53. Sunny days!
54. Holding hands and praying as a family
55. Surprising my kids with a trip to the doughnut shop when they least expect it! 

Happy Monday, friends!


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