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Monday, April 4, 2011

The Prayer That Brought Tears to My Eyes

Every night the girls and I pray together. We hold hands in a little circle and each of us prays. I think N has a special gift for prayer, as every time she prays, she amazes me with her thoughtfulness for others and ability to remember things we should be praying for. Superman says it's probably just because it's the one time she can talk as much as she wants, and we won't ask her to be quiet. =) I like my idea better, though. 

Anyhoo, the other night, we were praying together, and N surprised me with her usual articulation. And then she said this, "Thank you for dying on the cross. And thank you that you are alive today!" And she said it with such conviction and appreciation! It wasn't an empty prayer. She was genuinely thankful for our Savior. And it filled my heart to overflowing with pride. In a good way. I was just so darn proud of her, and her sweet little 4-year-old innocent prayer. Isn't that what it all boils down to, anyway? We would be nowhere if it weren't for the gift of salvation given to us by a Grace-filled Father. Enter mommy tears. 

56. Quiet moments with a sick boy in the middle of the night
57. Experiencing spring for the first time in our house
58. Sharing our farm with others
59. The llama coming to me for the first time
60. Family dinners
61. Running outside in overcast weather
62. Evening walks
63. Picnics with friends
64. Seeing Superman happy
65. Homeopathic ways of healing a sick child
66. Sleeping deeply
67. Counting down the days until summer!

P.S. We are smack dab in the midst of our 30 Days of Service, and what a blessing it's been! I'll soon be sharing what we've done so far, and what we have on our plate for the next few weeks!


J. said...

aww, she is so sweet. Have a great week.

Mrs. R said...

how precious!

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