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Monday, March 21, 2011

Multitudes on Monday

34. A job for Superman
35. Hot showers
36. The opportunity to adopt
37. Lazy pajama days
38. Fallen trees narrowly missing our well pump
39. A husband who spends all day cutting up fallen trees when he deserves to relax
40. Joy in my life
41. Healthy foods
42. Sleeping in for a little while
43. Our church

Saturday night was incredibly windy, and we lost two more oak trees. Amazingly, one of them narrowly missed our well house by landing on a fence post. We spent most of the weekend huddled inside staying out of the elements, but on Saturday morning, I attended a meeting for an awesome ministry, Safe Families, which I hope to talk about more in the future. Have you heard of it? Check out the link. You'll be moved just reading about it! I'm hoping to help get it launched at our church soon. Enjoy your Monday! 


AmberLee said...

amen to hot showers.

wow. SO glad that oak fell in the right spot. i was thinking of you. we lost two too. i hope the rest of the farm made it through the storm okay!

Safe looks amazing.

S Gamble said...

I still feel like hot showers are a luxury after living in Uganda for 6 years. I'm always pleasantly surprised that it takes only a couple minutes for the hot water to get to my shower. Amazes me, continually. I'm also thankful for water we can drink that we don't have to boil. And families who love us.

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