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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Got Hail?

We had a hail storm like nothing I've seen in my life yesterday. I know to some of you, this is no big deal, but around our parts, it was a hugely fun surprise and we were all running around screaming like kids in a candy store (with money in our pockets). 

Here's M-Dog taking a dare and going out for a run in it: 

That's a pretty big hail stone, if you ask me!

It was just so beautiful coming down and seeing it cover our driveway like snow:

Seriously, the kids had so much fun. I did, too.

The chickens were out roaming when it hit, so they went for cover under our steps:

J-Man was pretty sure it was the neatest thing ever. 


Britts said...

So cool! We had hail a couple weeks ago, but it was much smaller and didn't stick. But I was still just as excited! (jadon on the other hand just seemed confused as to why I was taking him out into the freezing cold, and why cold things kept bouncing off his face. Ha!)
Just checked out your link to safe families ministry. Wow that looks so great! Can't wait to hear how your endeavor goes!

:)De said...

I LOL'd at his flannel jacket, shorts and boots with the flip-flop in the background as a great contrast. How Fun! We had hail today and 1 of the kids said, "Hey Mom! It's 'bad-wording' outside!" She has always thought hail is a bad word. LOL!

S Gamble said...

Looks like fun! And your blooms look beautiful too!

Anonymous said...

the pics of your property is breathtakingly beautiful....I love the colors of spring i'm to make it out there soon! Yippeee for weather...hail..almost- snow-like?! eun

Shanti said...

De, that is *hilarious*!!!

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