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Friday, March 11, 2011

What's Been Going on Around Here...

Some of this...

We got a llama last weekend and named her Tina. Have you seen Napolean Dynamite?
She's a guard llama, so she's not cuddly. Yet. I'm working on her. 
And some of this...

Our sheep, Martha, had two baby lambs! They are named Sunday and Monday
since we didn't know if they were born Sunday night or Monday morning. 
We had to dock their tails last week...we're still waiting for them to fall off. 

And some of this...the goats are bonding with the lambs. Here's Esther being a
good auntie.

Tasty is growing nice and fat. She'll be "meating" her demise in a few months. 

Spring is springing! Our Tulip tree has decided flowering would be 
more fun than remaining dormant. 

Our orchard is planted and ready to grow! Superman and his dad (mostly his dad)
spent a lot of time and effort planting the 71 trees. 

N turned four and decided she wanted her ears pierced. Again. The last time
she had them pierced, one earring fell out, and the hole closed up. Whoops!

And on Ash Wednesday, we did this. The kids each prayed for forgiveness
for something specific and I put a little cross of ashes on their foreheads
to remind them of what Christ did for us.

My gratitude journal has been going wonderfully and it's stretched me to 
consciously think of things throughout the day that I am thankful for. 

And this. I've been spending lots of time outdoors admiring the amazing
creation surrounding us. It has been nothing short of breathtaking. 

My commitment to pray for Superman for Lent has been wonderful. I was enjoying the early morning peacefulness so much, that I decided to get up even earlier so I can savor those quiet moments of solitude with the Lord. It was just going by too fast. I've prayed more in these last few days than in weeks combined. Waking up in the dark, writing in my prayer journal, and watching the soft light of dawn slowly make its way over the hills has been an unintended reward. Here I thought I was giving a sacrifice by getting up early, but instead it has been a blessing. 

So that, friends, is what's been going on around our house. Have a wonderful weekend!


Britts said...

Tina! ha. I love it!
And 71 trees! wowzers! What a fun adventure!

S Gamble said...

So amazing! You're such a great role model for me. I may take to dropping the second "h" in my name just so I can be more like you. :)

Shanti said...

Ha! You funny girl, you. Btw, we need to have you guys over to see all the new animals! Drop me an e-mail if you have a chance!

Cherie said...

I think your commitment to pray for Superman is incredible, and refreshing. So many people use Lent to see how much "will power" they have (i.e., giving up sweets, etc.), and it's so lovely to see someone focus on something that will actually grow their relationship with God. I'll keep Superman in my prayers as well!

:)De said...

So on Ash Wednesday we did our devotion and prayer and I put ashes on each child's forehead. As I did each kid, the others would confirm for each other that it was really there and looked good. I did mine last and each kid looked at me quizically and then giggled! Then they proceeded to tell me that they could not see my cross because my skin is dark. I started teasing them about laughing at the only dark-skinned person in the house. We had a good laugh and there was lots of giggling still for the rest of the day. ~Smile~

Your farm is looking so great! I am always glad to see a new post from you.


Robin said...

Love, love, love the animals!

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