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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thankful Tuesday/Multitude Mondays

I realized after deciding to do "Thankful Tuesdays" that there is an actual movement of people participating in this idea of documenting the multitude of gifts we've been blessed with. I'm not all that creative, after all. I suppose I could still do my own thing on Tuesdays, but I liked this little picture so much, I decided to switch my days to share to Mondays. What can I say? I want to be on the "Multitude on Mondays" bandwagon. Especially when it involves a cute picture. 

9. The opportunity to homeschool our kids
10. Watching kids play soccer
11. Experiencing gratitude more in my day
12. Kids napping
13. Sitting next to Superman 
14. Knowing we're making a difference in our kids' lives
15. Rainy days to snuggle on the couch
16. Having a closet!
17. Kind people who think of others before themselves
18. Children learning to read
19. Running outside
20. Superman's health improving so much in the last year
21. In-laws helping more than asked
22. Hugs from kids (mine in particular!)
23. Singing songs to my girls that my mom used to sing to me at night 


Anonymous said...

1. funny...A woke us all up at 6:30 this morning thinking it was 7:30; somehow, alarm clock was played with by prob. one of our lil ones. It was a pleasant surprise. I was able to have some time in quiet w/ God...reading and journaling. Aaron had some unexpected space to begin his morning in quiet w/ Him.
2. kids love it when J shows up, esp. Mila. They even forfeited a trip to Costco (forfeiting snacks) to stay home and spend time w/ her.
3. Thankful for the steady pace of life I've been feeling more recently. Not too long ago, life felt pretty hectic and full. Perhaps, cutting 1 thing out in my daily routine has proven to be useful.
4. blue ray in my car (the whatchmacallit). I appreciate being able to check in w/ friends briefly in between my errands.
5.4 of my kiddos...I love being with them and feel fortunate to share so much of their lives in this season. open game, open to all who want to play... and worship....enjoyed dancing before God this morning....offering my dance to Him in worship while Mila was watching.
...gotta go to much to be thankful tonight.
(my list -euns)

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