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Monday, September 28, 2009

Introducing Mr. C

I figured I'd do an exposé on each of our little whippersnappers. That way those of you who don't know our family personally can "meet" each one of them. Maybe I'll even do one for Superman and I...if you're lucky!

Mr. C.

My cherished,
thoughtful boy.

He thinks of others before himself. He is a natural first-born. He has one of the kindest hearts of any kid I know. He, when he sold his snake for $120, gave more than half of it to the child we sponsor in India because, "he needs it more than me." He is smart, focused, ambitious and he loves math (which is good, considering his daddy is a math teacher).

He is great at soccer pretty much any sport he plays (which didn't come from me unfortunately).

He has never complained about having *four* younger siblings and the responsibilities that go along with that....yet.

He takes failure personally and struggles when he feels like he's not good at something. He sometimes puts too much pressure on himself.

He went to the "carpet square" almost every single day in kindergarten, and I dreaded first grade, thinking that he was going to have a new victim in his teacher. However, he surprised both his daddy and me when his teacher told me, "He is a role model of behavior to the rest of the class." Wha-?? Who??

Mr. C is a joy to parent. He has moments, that's for sure. He's bossy to his siblings, thinks he's a third parent around the house, and can be more manipulative than a female teenager at times, but I love him deeply, passionately, wholly.

So that, dear friends, is my eldest boy. Tomorrow, I'll introduce J-Man!
Tell me, for you mommies out there--what is your favorite characteristic of your eldest child?


Ohilda said...

What a cutie patootie!!!! I gotta say my eldest (27) has to be he has a great heart also. :) Makes me smile to just think about him.


Shannon K. said...

My favorite characteristic of my oldest is how outgoing she is. I love to watch her in a situation that is knew and she's not afraid or shy, which is what my reaction would have been as a child. She loves people and people love her. She's got a beautiful spirit.

Lee said...

My favorite characteristic of my eldest is that he will be totally and completely upfront with you about what he thinks. He has no filter for things which the upside is I am never left wondering! LOL

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