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Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Saw a Dog Get Hit and Killed Today

I was driving to pick up J-Man from kindergarten today when I had my first experience seeing an animal die right in front of me. I was about 20-30 feet behind a Ford Expedition when suddenly two dogs came dashing out in the street. Dog #1 made it safely to the other side, but dog #2 went right under the Expedition and it was an awful sight. I slammed on my brakes so I wouldn't run over him too, and just stopped. Right there in the middle of the road. I was frozen. The gal who hit him pulled over and came out of her car crying. I started balling, too. The dog's owner came running from across the street and knelt down next to his old Yellow Lab and crumpled in despair.

It was horrible. I saw that man scoop up his dog in his arms and cry. He didn't care that he was quickly being covered with blood. I know some may say it was just an animal, but that man loved his dog. And it made me think about my love for our kids. Sure, they didn't come from my body. Sure, they make bad choices sometimes. Sure, they don't always listen to my words of wisdom and sometimes ignore my cautious pleas to ensure their safety. But gosh, I love them. I drove away, crying and mouthing, "I'm so sorry" to the poor lady that stood helpless watching the owner hold his dog. I thought about our Lord, and how when we fail, when we miserably, undeniably fail and lay on that pavement in despair, He scoops us up and doesn't care about the stains we shed. He only cares about holding us in His arms, comforting us and assuring us: I am here.


Ohilda said...

How horribly sad. I must say though, what a great analogy to compare it to how our Lord loves us and how we love our children.

Thanks for the prayers for my sweeties.

:)De said...

What a sad experience, but a timely analogy.


corneann said...

your words gave me chills . . . "I am here".

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