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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Black and White

I'm gonna jump back and forth in time on this blog. Things come up and I gotta write 'em down when they do, or I'll forget...

I'm a pretty sarcastic person. I usually don't let things bother me unless they're actually worth being bothered about. I must admit that I do hope our kids inherit a bit of that...being able to let things roll off their backs instead of getting hung up on other people's opinions.

J-Man came home from school on Monday and informed me he was being made fun of in kindergarten. Now, you have to understand: Out of all our sweet crumbsnatchers, he would be one of the last ones I would think would get mocked by other youngsters. He's just a cool kid.

He likes skateboarding. He has no fear. He's social. He's fun. As a matter of fact, he cares more about having fun than learning.

But, J-Man told me one kid in particular was calling him "bald." True, true. He's pretty much bald. But this is by choice. My little man is, afterall, black. We live in Whiteville. We considered this when we moved here, but didn't expect something like this to come up in Kindergarten. However, it has, and we must face these matters head on (pun intended).

Superman suggested J-Man respond with some uplifting remarks about this child's mother...such as, "Yeah? Well, you're MOMMA'S more bald than me!" or such kind words. J-Man said he just laughed when the kid mocked him. I told him that was probably a good way to approach reason to be upset about it. I mentioned that this little boy has probably not had many {if any} black friends before, and that it was up to J to show him how lucky he is to have him in his class. J is, afterall, cool.

I let my sweet boy know he can always talk to me about how he's feeling and to let me know if things get any worse. I also ensured him that he can grow his hair out as much as he likes and that I think he's a Super Duper Manly Man and that he's my most favoritest 5 year old in the entire world. So what about you? How would you approach someone calling your little boy "baldy?"


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Hi- I will update my blogroll over the weekend. I like your layout and colors. 5 kids under 6- yikes! You probably will not run out of blog material lol!

Anonymous said...

I think you're handling things great. It's refreshing to hear someone share their struggles and not just the triumphs. Thanks for being so open and honest. I look forward to reading more!

Anonymous said...

I think we as white parents have to be careful reading into things. There was nothing about this situation that alluded to racism. What does being bald have to do with being black?

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