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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Beginning of Our Adoption Journey

June 11, 2004. We bring home J-Man, a little 6-month-old bundle of joy. We've taken all the classes, read the name it. But nothing could truly prepare me for the roller coaster of emotions I felt during the following months. No one ever told me that it may take awhile to bond with this little one. I mean, it seems obvious now, but I must be dense or something. I was expecting to hold this little guy and immediately fall in love with him. But instead, I looked at him and as the months wore on, I thought of him more as a "nephew" than a "son."

My soul was in anguish. I felt like there must be something wrong with me. I would look at Mr. C: our dear biological son, and be filled with pride. My heart would skip a beat when I saw him accomplishing new things, learning about the world around him. But with J-Man, he was like a child I was babysitting. I wanted to protect him, take care of him, provide for his needs. But I didn't yearn for him when he was in my absence. I didn't look at him and think, "That's my son. He's perfect."

I prayed nightly that the Lord would change my heart. I felt my worst nightmare was coming true--I had brought this little boy into our lives, but I didn't love him like he needed. I desperately sought comfort and guidance from the Lord. I confessed to Superman (my husband) that I was struggling. He comforted me, told me to give it time, that it would be a process, not something to happen overnight, but I had to work at it.

Almost seven months went by. One morning, J-Man took his first step. Suddenly, my heart went pitter patter and I thought, "That's my son! He's perfect!" And I realized, surprisingly, that the Lord had answered my prayers. Yes, my friends. I doubted. Sure, I prayed those prayers, but I didn't really believe that they would be answered in the way I expected! Quietly, nonchalantly, He had taken my heart, and reformed it. I loved this child! I looked at him and filled with pride. I was joyful in his triumphs and saddened by his struggles. How this happened is a mystery to me. I only know that HE did it. I've never looked at Prayer the same.


Ohilda said...

I love this post! It's so very similar to my feelings for my own little princess from China, who has 26 months at adoption and has struggled with big attachment issues. Prayer is so powerful, and our God is so gently. Although I needed a thump on the head from Him saying, "Hey..this IS your daughter"...he didn't do that. He gently let HER creep into my heart. And now that little stinker has crawled in so deep that she's made herself a huge owner of it! I LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing from the heart. I wish so many other adopted parents would do the same, Adoption is a miracle, but there's a lot more to it than rainbows and butterflies.


corneann said...

Yo Sistah -
I am loving this blog. I love how you share that you have had doubts and despite it, you still prayed and you still believed in Him. You are daring to be real and to share that you are like everyone else on the planet. Your vulnerability is refreshing and inviting - dispelling many people's fears (namely my fears) regarding fost-adopt issues. I want to hear more - more about parenthood, advice regarding raising babies, and toddlers, how you are so real with your kids and think like they think, relating to them on such a real level - I can't wait to read each of your posts.
Love ya! Corneann

Anonymous said...

Wow--what an incredible account of how you were feeling at the time you adopted your first child. And you're right--people don't talk about how hard it may be to bond with your new child. I'm amazed at your candor. Thank you for sharing!

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