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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

And Now For J-Man...

This picture pretty much sums up J-Man.

He's my feisty,
loving boy.

He loves to be hugged, kissed, and thoroughly enjoys seeing his daddy and I give each other a big smooch in the mornings.

J-Man has an affectionate heart. He thrives on encouragement, but is easily dismayed by the thought of failure. If something seems too difficult for him (in his own eyes), it's often not worth trying for.

I frequently forget that the first 6 months of his life were bumpy and disrupted. I can imagine that living in 3 homes by the time he came to us has a lasting affect. And although I like to think that he has no long-term ramifications, I think it's necessary to give him a bit more wiggle room at times.

J-Man loves to cook...and truly delights in eating! He has a knack for music and was given a Gift by our Creator that I hope we can nurture as he grows. I am filled with joy each week when he begs to come into "big church" so he can hear the band play. It's not very often that kids plead to go to church!

He is a natural communicator, a friend to many, and a rambunctious little lad. We are so blessed to have this boy in our lives.

So, off subject a bit, what is a characteristic that you have discovered in your child that you were surprised by?


robyncalgary said...

i know these entries were over a year ago but i just started reading your blog from beginning and since this entry has no comments i thought id throw one in :)

im a totally single mom to 6 yr and 3 month old girls and the trait that surprised me most in my 6 yr old is that shes shy. my mom, sister and i are introverts but DEFINATELY not shy or quiet so with us all comparing my daughter to each of us often, i was quite surprised to see as shes hit school age thats theres a shy very non-performy streak in her :)

enjoying the blog so far, will probably comment along the way as i catch up to current entries :)

Shanti said...

Thanks for the comment! I hope you enjoy the blog!

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