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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

There must be something seriously wrong with me...

I think there must be some weird genetic abnormality in me. It seems that every time we get settled into things, I start itching to add a kid to our family. What the heck is wrong with me? I am sure that not more than a month ago I was consistently saying, "Nope, no more for us! Five is plenty! There's no more room in our car!"

Ok, so G is almost 15 months old now. She's at that incredibly fun age when she gains this big personality, while running around in this teeny tiny body.

I don't have any desire for a baby. Frankly, I don't care for the baby phase. Some people just can't get enough of those cute, cuddly bundles of joy, but I much prefer toddlerhood. There's something about kids when they start interacting with you and giggling while running away from you that I just think is so freakin' adorable.

Now, I don't think I need to point out that we already have FIVE kids. All ages six and under. In one house. We don't even have any seats left in our van. There's no more room! And what would adding another kid do to the quality of life of our other sprouts? But then, what would adding another kid to our family do for that ONE KID? room in car. Really, no room at our table...we don't even really have room for G once she's done with her high chair. Our time is already divided by 5 with our kids.

But then again, these are all things the Lord can remedy. Who am I to say that He won't provide for us if we go out on a limb for him? As a matter of fact, I know for *sure* He will.

Now, this could all be crazy talk. I could just be going through a phase. Or maybe I'm not. Maybe the Lord is softening my heart for a reason. Or maybe not. I think I need something blatant. I just need someone to ring our doorbell and say, "Here, I have this little toddler boy...will you take him?"


Lisa said...

Love toddlerhood and is much more preferable to me than babies. Can't wait to see if there are any deliveries.

I see me getting the itch too. ;)

:)De said...

LOL! I get that same itch and have to ask myself, "Are you crazy?!?!?" But we know that God will provide 1 more carseat and 1 more high chair in His own timing, right? ~Smile~

Shanti said...

Thanks, gals! I did just talk to our social worker, and found out we would have to wait six months AFTER we finalize with G, so I guess at least I know I'm not in a hurry! lol
By the way, De, we need God to provide a different car and a different kitchen if we get another kid! Thankfully, He's capable of that, too! =)

J. said...

we have the itch too, we went back on the foster list last week!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

But see, with 6 under 6 you could surely get a tv show from tlc and pay for all the mini vans you want!

Britts said...

This makes me smile. We don't even have one kid yet, but I've been telling Jim (the more we learn about these foster kids plus all the orphans around the world--not to mention all the recent buzz around Haiti!) that I have a feeling God is going to keep expanding our hearts and we might end up with quite the not-so-little brood of chillens. Since we got married, we'd always agreed on 2, but recently I've been praying for 4--2 sets of "twins"...Jim just smiles and says "we'll see" which is his way of deferring to God's opinion on the matter.
So, I'm excited for all y'all, and I chuckle to think that I'll probably be in the same spot in a few years.

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