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Monday, January 25, 2010

First Day of Homeschooling

Here are the boys on their last day of school (Friday). As you can see, they were devastated.

Today is the day! I don't have my curriculum yet, so we'll be "officially" starting next Monday, but this week we are doing a few fun things.

This morning we're making Shrinky Dinks (thanks to Amber for tipping me off to these!) and heading to the library to pick up some books about trains. Tomorrow we go to the Train Museum and IKEA (that's educational, right?). Wednesday we're taking a drive up the hill to the snow to gather some snow in a container to come home and make "snow ice cream" with.

We are incorporating a weekly "service project" into our curriculum. It can include anything from raking up someone's leaves to paying for someone's coffee behind us in line, to going to a children's home or homeless shelter to help out. Can you all give me some ideas to put in my "service" arsenal?


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Nursing homes usually love kids coming around. Well, the residents do. I'm not so sure about the staff.
Congratulations on your decision... the kids look devastated lol! Have fun!

:)De said...

Those poor unhappy children! Our church runs a food bank and the lady who runs it lets my kids come in an hour before they start to put the food on the shelves. Our church also sends birthday and anniversary cards out...maybe yours would let your kids write the "happy whatever day" in the cards. The secretary pulls out the cards like she would normally and the kids just stop by the office and write the greeting in crayon, kidmenship. People love it.

Robin said...

You amaze me.

happymcfamily said...

They could make/ pick out gifts to send to missionaries' kids.

You could go back through the Christmas cards that were sent to you, pray for the person who sent it, and send a greeting card to that person letting them know that they were prayed for today.

Bake cookies for somebody.

J. said...

you go girl. I would do somethings for the local seniors home/center. They love little kids and they always put a smil on peoples faces - maybe they could help with some gardening or something else that needs doing that is age apporpriate. I have also had kids make toys for other kids and that is funn too.

Lisa said...

They look like they're being tortured!!! ROTF

Lee said...

Aw, such sad little faces! LOL How about sorting clothes or toys and donating to a shelter?

The kids in our church school just finished making birthday kits for our church food bank. Maybe if you contacted a family shelter it would be a more manageable number. In our area there are a lot of families that are w/out permanent housing and little things like balloons and a cake mix and a few decorations can really bring a smile.

Neighborhood clean up effort to keep things looking nice. (assuming it is safe, ahem in our area you have to be careful which streets you choose. I don't want my kids finding needles or condoms)

Happy homeschooling!

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