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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to J-Man!

Yesterday our second-born turned six. SIX! I always feel like it takes forever for him to turn each age. I guess that's because he and Mr. C are only 6 months apart, so I feel like he should already be the same age as Mr. C. Did that make any sense?

Anyhoo, I made a yummy batch of homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast. We told J-Man he gets $100 for his birthday, and can use that for a party, going out to eat, a present, or whatever else he wanted. But, he had to stay in the budget. He chose a present. J-Man has been asking for a skateboard ramp for a few years now, and he decided now was the time.

So while he was at school, I went gallivanting around town trying to track down a ramp. Who knew it would be so difficult? I finally found one at Sport Chalet.

For dinner, I made J-Man's favorite, homemade pizza. But alas, dinner came, and J-Man sat down to eat, but just stared at his food. This from the boy who the day before ate a double-double (animal style), french fries and a chocolate shake and came home and asked for a snack. So, we knew something was wrong. I asked if he was feeling all right, and he said he had a sore throat. My poor little pizza sat uneaten on his plate, and our fun plans for NuYo were postponed. But, that's ok. It was kind of nice to just relax on the couch.

So, we'll have to do NuYo another night.

But, happy birthday to our boy!


Robin said...

Happy belated birthday!! Great pic, what a cutie.

Rachael said...

Happy belated b-day to your son! Hope he's feeling better.

obladi oblada said...

That cinnamon roll looks good.

Lee said...

Homemade cinnamon rolls are our Christmas treat! Yum. Happy Birthday a bit late to your son and i sure hope he feels better asap

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