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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The day after Christmas, we decided to live on the edge and drive out to Idaho to see my brother and his family. It was quite the adventure, being that we only stayed there 1.5 days, and drove 9 hours out and 10.5 hours back. But, it was fully worth it!

On the way home, we went through Reno, Nevada. It's a mini-metropolis of hotels, casinos, and other sundry businesses. As we drove through, we talked to the kids about all the casinos. Superman explained what gambling was. He broke it down like this: "If I told you to give me $20, and if you could guess a correct number between 1 and 1 million, I would give you $40. If you got it wrong, though, I would get to keep your $20."

The kids all seemed to get that. Well, I don't know about N...she was licking the sticky lollipop residue off her fingers. And G, well, she was chewing on leftover french fries and bits of old food from her car seat. But, I digress.

The boys all seemed to be intrigued with this "gambling" concept. Mr. C, especially. He kept asking all sorts of questions and saying, "What a rip off!" and, "Why would anyone give their money away??" We continued on home, feeling very productive after such a great conversation.

Fast forward to last night. The boys are all watching a cartoon in M-Dog's room. Mr. C comes running in to the family room and exclaims, "Daddy! The t.v. just told us we should go gobbling!" To which I said, "What? Gobbling? What does that mean?" Mr. C says, "You know. They were telling us to put all our money is some machine so they could take it all! They were telling us to go gobbling!"

Ha. The things kids say. It's like when I was growing up and always thought grilled cheese was GIRL cheese. I think I was like 13 before I realized it was grilled.


Lisa said...

I needed the giggle. Thanks so much. I thought chest of drawers was chester drawers until I was probably 20. ;)

Britts said...

cute! He kind of has the point though--gambling does gobble up your money :o)

J. said...

thanks for the giggle...

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