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Monday, January 11, 2010

Anymore Takers for the Giveaway? And a Few Other Things.

I can't believe there are only 3 of you gals interested in this book! I know there are more of you out there. Last chance--I'm doing the drawing tomorrow! In case you missed it, HERE'S the link.

I had an incredible Saturday with my friend Amber. Superman was a superhero for Christmas, and gave me a gift certificate to a Spa. But the clincher--it wasn't just for me, but for a *friend*, too! It was probably the only time he's ever been able to surprise me with something...somehow I always end up finding out. Amber has never had a massage before, but she was a willing participant. We both got facials and massages and felt completely pampered for a few hours. We topped our morning off with lunch at a local Cafe that made me feel oh, so gourmet. Sorry about the picture quality...I think the lady taking the picture was trying to see just how much she could move her hand around and still have the picture turn out.

I've been thinking of going back to school for my master's degree in marriage and family therapy for about four or five years now. I recently decided to take a leap and go for it. Superman seemed compliant, but not necessarily excited. I made plans, ordered transcripts, started filling out the application. But Superman informed me a few days ago that he's not completely on board. I'd say he probably has like the top half of his body on board, but his legs dangling off. I'm totally ready, completely stoked to be working toward a goal. But if Superman isn't 100% behind me, there's no way I can do it. So, I guess I wait. I hope he'll be on board before I'm too old and can no longer see anymore, but who knows. Sometimes being in a partnership is tough.


Lisa said...

Woo hoo on the spa day. Wishing the dr would order that around here. ;)

Hoping he gets on board quick. Change is hard and I'm sure he's worried about the changes that would have to take place. He'll get there!

Did you see that the link is fixed? (I hope)

Shanti said...

Yes, it's definitely related to the changes that would take place. I wouldn't just be wife and mommy anymore, and that is a big transition for anyone (especially for a hubby who is used to really not having to share me with anyone!) =)

:)De said...

5 1/2 years ago when I came home from work to homeschool, I decided to go back to get my Masters also and like some crazy person took the "oh-my-goodness-what-were-you-thinking" 15 month program. It was grueling, but I really enjoyed the classes. Praying for God's perfect timing in letting you both know when you can start your program.

Shanti said...

Holy cow! That's craziness. I am planning a 5-year program, which is only like 1-2 courses per semester. Really not all that much. The only really time consuming part will be when I approach the end and have to rack up hours for practicum.

J. said...

well I hope that whatever happens with school the timing is right, it can be disaterous otherwise and woot for a spa day - so fun!

Mama Drama Times Two said...

The Other Mother and I both returned to college at different times and now have our Masters in Education. It wasn't easy - but glad we did it. She is now in year 2 of a 2 year UCC lay ministry program. She goes away and has one intensive weekend a month. When she is done this spring, she'll decide if full time seminary is the next step....Change is scary. Stagnation is scarier. Good luck.

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