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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Homeschool Blog and More

I've started a homeschooling blog so I don't have to bore you all with my mundane day-to-day activities. =) Feel free to check it when you want, but it's mostly for my own reference so I can keep a record of everything we do. HERE's the link.

I went to an adoption support group last night at a local church. I am hoping to start a group at our own church in the fall, so I'm gathering as much info as I can. It was really nice to meet with other moms who have been through the process. There were about 10 women there, most of whom adopted through foster care. A few adopted internationally and domestically (private). I loved hearing the different perspectives and how they are working through issues that have come up. One gal just adopted a sibling set of three from India!

I'm trying to figure out how to format this new adoption group. Moms only? Parents only? Parents and kids? I'm leaning toward just moms (with a few annual "family" activities), but what do you think?

Yesterday while the boys were doing some schoolwork, I asked them if they missed their friends at school. Mr. C said, "No, I'll see them at soccer." And J-Man said, "No, I think I act better when I'm not around my friends." Out of the mouths of children. Glad he's noticed the connection!


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