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Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkins and Motivation

It's amazing how quickly a child can scarf down his lunch when there's a piece of candy waiting for him at the other end. Candy is a pretty hot commodity around here since the kids don't eat it often. And when they gain a big stash all at once, they get one piece after lunch and one after dinner. So you better believe when they have an opportunity arise, they seize it.

We went to our church's Trunk-or-Treat last night. This was no ordinary Trunk-or-Treat. I heard they were expecting around 10,000 people?? I think that was a conservative estimate. The event was held at the county fairgrounds on the Speedway. Pretty cool! We got there right at starting time, and there were already a few thousand people there, I'm sure. Here's a picture of my father-in-law pushing the girls through the sea of people:

We also did some obligatory pumpkin-carving over the weekend. The weather could not have been more perfectly delightful. We decided to take advantage of the girls napping and had the boys clean out their pumpkins and draw faces on them. Then Superman cut them out...ain't no way we were gonna let those boys go free with carving knives (even though J-Man is pictured below with a pumpkin carver)...ahem.

The pumpkins got me thinking...just about how we all have gunk. I mean, we all have things that we'd like to scoop out of ourselves. And don't tell me you don't...because that would be lying. None of us is a perfect pumpkin. I'm just glad we have a Lord who is willing to take us--gunk and all. And that I have a Savior who will take away as much of that icky stuff as I'll let Him. I mean, if I want to hold on to the sticky stuff, He won't fight me on it. But I think we all know we'd all be a lot happier if we just let the gunk go.


obladi oblada said...

Cute pics! What is a "trunk" or treat? My old church used to have a "harvest party". Is it the same thing?

Shanti said...

A Trunk-or-treat is when a bunch of cars (in this case, over 100) line up with their trunks open filled with candy. Everyone decorated their cars and sat out passing out the goodies. Instead of going "door to door," it's "trunk to trunk." =)

Lisa said...

Great pics! It's going to take a back hoe to get all the gunk out of me.

Sally- That Girl! said...

Oh all the gunk!!! Good bad or otherwise, we all have gunk that only our Savior can take on!!! Thanks for the reminder that none of us are perfect pumpkins even though at times we feel we are!!! Great analogy!!

Reminds me of my cleaning out the junk post I did a few weeks ago!!!

Brent and AmberLee's Family said...

That is one serious trunk or treat! I love the pics of the kiddos!
And yes! Isn't it nice to be loved despite our gunk? Really it's the perfect comparison.

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