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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Sweet N...


My tough,
"girly" girl.

She was seriously made in Heaven just for our family. Of course, all of our children were, but it is just so apparent with her.

Superman and I had always said we were just going to have boys. We knew it. We had Mr. C and J-Dog, and just knew that we would continue our tradition with just boys. We didn't know what to do with girls. I mean, I am one, but for some reason, I just couldn't picture myself as a mom of a girl.

But then N came along. I fell in love with her. And Superman, who said if he ever did have a girl (which he wouldn't) he wouldn't treat her any differently than his boys. Of course. But that little lady has wrapped that man so tight around her finger I think her circulation is getting cut off. She just has to bat her eyes at him and he melts into a blubbering mess. Oh, we never knew what we were missing.

Having a girl changed our home forever. N is a tomboy at heart. Having three older brothers has ensured her citizenship in the City of Toughness. She falls down hills, gets blood, bonks her head, wrestles with her daddy (and {adoring} brothers). But, but...she loves pink. She is like a magnet to all things glittery, shiny and feminine. She loves purses and shoes. She's a girl. And I *love* it!

She loves her daddy like nothing else. Which is funny since for the first few months after she came to us, she couldn't handle him even looking at her. She would cling to me like nothing else. But now, if she gets an ow-eee, it's to daddy she runs. That man holds her heart, and I could not be happier. Seeing the tenderness she has brought to him fills me with sheer delight. Those two are molded together. She is the perfect daughter for Superman...the perfect balance of guts, spunk and tenderness.

And to top it off, after getting her little sister G, I've been blessed to see the nurturing, mothering side of her, and it's oh, so beautiful.

And tomorrow I will present our sweet little G!


Anonymous said...

there really is nothing like seeing that tenderness that a girl can bring out in her daddy. and it should be interesting to see how that all works when boys start coming around a few years down the road. i think that will be the first time brent seriously considers getting a shotgun.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Oh she is gorgeous!
I felt the opposite way about boys, I have never been a boy and so I don't know how I would raise one. Girls I can get!

Robin said...

She is such a beauty!!

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