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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The "G" is for...


My pixie-like,
tad bit high-maintenance

As much as I'd like to show her incredibly delightful face, since we're still not finalized, I decided against it.

Miss G is the consummate completion to our family. As I stated here, I was initially freaked out about the idea of bringing another child into our house. And although it has definitely been a challenge (to put it mildly) at times, having a sister for Naomi has been like eating a warm cupcake and discovering there's oozing chocolate in the middle.

G is definitely a mommy's girl right now. But that's completely by her choice. Superman is just waiting for her to realize the power she has over him (not that he would admit that). She won't go to anyone else if I'm around without screaming bloody murder. But, I have hope that she won't be 16 and freaking out that I'm going to disappear when I go around the corner. Although at that point, I'll probably wish she did.

G is so darn adorable. I mean, really. When I referred to her as a pixie above, I wasn't really exaggerating. She has these dainty features and this cute smile with little dimples that just make her look like a mini-angel on earth. Sure, she's high maintenance right now, but that's ok. She's earned it.

She's so close to walking (which, by the way, I thought she'd do at least a month ago since she was standing on her own before crawling...). I think once she actually gets the confidence up, she'll be good to go.

She's turning one this month. So strange. I remember when we first got her at 6 weeks old, I felt like her first birthday was soooo far away. But, here it is coming up!

Her parental rights were terminated a few months ago, and now we're just in the appeal process. Birth mom has appealed every decision possible with all her kids, so it really was no surprise. We're just in a waiting game at this point hoping that 6-9 months from now our family will officially be complete!

So, that wraps up our kiddos. Would you like to know the dirty details of Superman?


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