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Monday, November 2, 2009

How did a week go by?

I don't think it's possible that a week just flew by without me writing in this blog. I must have been in some alternate universe, because I'm sure it's only been a few days.

At any rate, my calendar informs me that it is November 2nd today. That's right--it's almost Christmas! I know, I know, let's not neglect poor little Thanksgiving. I do love Thanksgiving, but mostly because it is a gateway to Christmas.

Last week in my Bible study (we're doing a Precepts study on the book of John), we had a fun time of fellowship. We have a few new gals who joined our group this year, and we were supposed to sit next to someone we don't know very well and get to know her better. We were specifically supposed to share a bit about our childhoods.

During the course of the conversation, my favorite memory came up. Christmas.

I think that word deserves the italics.

There wasn't a lot of stability in our home, but my grandparents lived just down the street. Their involvement in our lives was vital to me turning out to be a confident, contented, "normal" woman. I'm sure I'm not abnormal in any way. =)

Christmas morning, my grandparents would call before they left their house to tell us how many "helpers" they needed. The more helpers, the more presents! I know, this seems completely trivial and shallow, but for a child, it was a true source of glee. My grandparents are still pluggin' along...ages 96 and 91!

I often think about where our kids would be if they weren't with us. I think about how on Christmas morning, they would only have a temporary family. They wouldn't know the sheer joy of feeling unconditionally loved, carrying no burdens {as children shouldn't}. They wouldn't have a life filled with fond memories of Christmas morning, hot cocoa, sticky buns, stockings, and presents. It tears me apart to know there are thousands and thousands of children, just right here in California who will grow up in foster care, only to age out of the system without a family to come home to every Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and on all those days when they just need a shoulder to cry on. Sigh. I wish there was more we could do.

Christmas is my favorite time of year...people tend to be more giving, they want to help others, they seek out ways to help neighbors. It would be nice if it was like that all year, eh?

So, what is your favorite childhood memory?


obladi oblada said...

Hmmm...I love Christmas too. And I agree about all those kids in foster care, who may not ever have a permanant family...heart breaking indeed. My kids were not used to family Christmas's when they came here..they had no idea what to do on Christmas morning; they acted scared. They came upstairs, so the presents and ran back downstairs, instead of waking us up. We had to explain that on Christmas morning they are supposed to wake us up!

My favorite memory is of the Christmas Eve employee parties at Disneyland (my dad worked there), they gave us stockings at the gate on our way out, full of candy and toys. The park was closed to the public, so the lines were very short, it was a lit up Christmasy and was very magical. I usually got to bring a friend, which made it special too. Sorry, didnt mean to write a book.

Shanti said...

Oh, wow, Disneyland sounds divine! I think that would probably be every child's dream. =)

J. said...

hmmm that's a toss up for me between memeories I mean, I think whatever one I choose it would involve my Nana and my big sister, they made my childhood bearable. I to mourn that there are so many kids who will not ever know a family...

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