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Thursday, October 22, 2009

I {HEART} Adoption!

It's funny how I don't remember knowing anyone who was adopted when I was growing up. It must have just been invented since I was an adult, because there weren't any people who adopted "back then." Or, maybe it just wasn't talked about as much. Yeah, maybe that.

Even before Superman and I adopted the first time around, I really didn't hear people talking about adopting, or being adopted, or why chocolate is one of God's divine creations. Oh wait, strike that last remark. That's a whole different topic.

As soon as we opened that door, however, it was like the Lord decided to let a shower of touching personal stories from complete strangers come gushing through the opening we just unveiled. I met people in the grocery store, at the park, at church, and at one point in my Bible study there were 4 woman out of 10 who had adopted! Just me opening my mouth and saying, "We're going through the adoption process" catapulted me into some new realm of existence among the adoption world. People were open. People were sharing.

Many people, including some extended family had great concerns about us adopting, especially since Mr. C was still less than a year old. It would be too much to handle (which it almost was at times). Mr. C would be neglected because of the attention we would have to give the new child. We should just have our "own" kids so we wouldn't have to deal with other people's mistakes. (Yup. A family member said that.) Mr. C would be permanently scarred (heck, he probably has a better chance of turning out normal by having so many siblings!) And a plethora of other discouragements I like to call "the Enemy's attempts" at thwarting the Lord's will for our lives.

I have friends, a surprising number, who are in the process of adopting. I can't begin to say the rejoicing my heart feels when I hear someone is adopting. It's easier for someone to say, "I've always wanted to adopt" (which we hear all the time) than to actually go out and do it. Just today I had a friend tell me she and her husband dropped their paperwork off at an adoption agency. And it made me cry. Ok, I wasn't full-out balling, but I did get a couple tears welling up in my eyes. There's just something about adoption that starts a shiver of glee in my insides. I giggle. I twitch. I get giddy. And I love it.

Discouragements abound when one goes through the adoption process. There are classes that still need to be taken, paperwork that still needs to be filled out, references that still need to be submitted, patience that needs to be learned, and the myriad of other things that one must do in order to help a waiting child. And I think that Satan (yes, he is real) delights in our dismay. But oh, the joy that you feel when you meet that child. That ONE (or two, or three...) special child(ren) the Lord has knitted in someone else's womb only to be raised by you. Cherished, adored, and loved by you. It is a fruit like no other. The sweetest, most wonderful fruit you can imagine.

Oh, how I {HEART} adoption!


:)De said...

I {HEART} adoption too! ~Smile~


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