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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gluten Free

After nearly 10 years of problems, Superman has finally discovered his Kryptonite: Gluten.

I'm a little put off by the fact that it's taken this long to get a diagnosis. This past year has been really difficult for him (physically). He's been to the doctor numerous times, and kept getting brushed off. Finally, he went with a list. He brought every symptom, every complaint, and told the doctor he needed to have tests done. What kind of tests, he didn't know. But tests, yes.

So, she obliged, and had him take some blood tests. And, sure enough, his "Transglutaminase" results came back way higher than they should be. Like six times higher. Which translated: Celiac disease. The fact that Superman had been eating something that was like poison to his small intestine...destroying all the little villi that help with absorption of nutrients...helps explain why the poor man is six feet tall and weighs 135 pounds. He has not been absorbing many necessary nutrients for years! Maybe he'll be able to gain a bit of weight now...I know, not the problem most people have.

As disappointing as it was to get such a diagnosis, I know it was a huge relief for Superman. Finally, he knew what was wrong with him. And, it was something that could be self-treated. No medication needed. Just a huge change in lifestyle.

So, here we's my new challenge to make yummy gluten-free foods. I've been finding some great blogs and recipes. We bought a loaf of gluten-free bread the other day at the store, and YUCK! It was chewy and grainy. Yesterday I baked a loaf (see pics above), and it was great! We couldn't even tell it was "different." Which gives me hope. Whole Foods is my best friend right now. I just wish they wouldn't take my arm and leg when I get to the cash register.

Baby steps. Baby steps.


J. said...

I am GF and I have lots of great recipes that I have adjusted over the years and there are lots of great blogs, my favourite is Gluten Free Girl and Gluten free Goddess is a close second, lots of good food. See if you can find any Bette Hagman books, they are great too.

Shanti said...

That is so funny you mentioned those two! I just bookmarked them both yesterday!

Lisa said...

So glad SM has a solution. Homemade is always the best way to go on GF.

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