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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"I'm Fasting"

Another story about J-Man. It's not on purpose; he's just been providing me with some good material lately.

J-Man hates Cream of Rice. And oatmeal. I don't really blame him since I would rather eat tree bark than either of those. (By the way, none of the kids love Cream of Rice, but they tolerate it.) However, we have a rule in our house: What's served is what's eaten. These kids are spoiled, anyway. I lace their Cream of Rice with ribbons of sugar. It's not like they have to eat it plain. Well, unless they're not behaving. Then they get it au natural. And they only have to eat it like once or twice a week.

Anyhoo, this morning was a Cream of Rice day. I made freshly-ground rice with our grinder. They should appreciate that! None of that store-bought junk. Home spun!

J-Man had some complaints about my choice of breakfast. I told him I'd be sure to give him an extra helping. When the grub was ready for consumption, I called the kids in. They all came bounding in. Except for J-Man, that is. He sulked on the floor of the family room, trying to hide under the coffee table. I called him again. No movement. I called him a third time, and I saw a bit of writhing, like he was in agony over what he was about to ingest. But, he still didn't budge.

I told him he could go get the Chum Bucket (have I told you about the Chum Bucket? It's a "bucket" with consequences like "wipe down the bathroom," "clean the family room," "pick up 3 buckets of leaves," "pay mommy a dollar," etc. Anytime they are misbehaving, they go straight to the Chum Bucket--an excellent idea my sister shared with me).

Well, he got his Chum Bucket (which happened to be no t.v. for the day), and did his 1/2 hour room time (which they get each time they get a consequence). I figured he would be starving once he got out since this is the kid who out-eats both Superman and I at every meal. I told him he would be eating his Cream of Rice when he was hungry.

But, here we are, and it's almost 5 hours later. He just told me he's "fasting." The only reason he isn't eating is because he's "going to spend time praying and reading [his] Bible." It has nothing to do with the fact that Cream of Rice makes him want to vomit.* I told him that's wonderful and to let me know when he's ready to break his "fast." His Cream of Rice is patiently waiting on the counter.

*I'm sure I sound cruel here, but we always tell our kids that sometimes we have to eat things we don't like. What are they going to do when we take them out of the country on mission trips? We want them to be used to occasionally eating things that don't appeal to them so that when they're presented with something they find repulsive {to them}, they realize it's disrespectful to turn their noses up.


GB's Mom said...

My kid has sensory issues. Not only is oatmeal a no-go, but she can't tolerate sprinkles on her whip cream!

Lisa said...

The same rules apply here too. I'm not a short order cook and trying to be one makes me one grumpy and cantankerous mom.

I had to snicker at the fasting comment. Sorry...that was funny. When you're not hearing in person from your kid that is.... :D

Britts said...

That's awesome! I love his informed explanation of his spiritual discipline, too.

Food is one of those issues I love hearing how different parents deal with. My parents were like you--I remember once missing the A-Team with Mr. T because I wouldn't finish my soup! And it worked just fine. But most parents I talk to cater to special "needs" and I sometimes wonder if I'll succumb to that as well. Your post has given me encouragement that I don't have to! Thanks.
BTW, love the "Chum Bucket" idea. Definitely tucking that one away for later!

Lee said...

I love the chum bucket idea! Gonna have to steal that one. I have a rule that you have to try a wee bit of something but I don't force a whole meal of something that they hate. I have a standard "alt" fare that is easy to heat up so it isn't like doing a whole separate meal and I do try to gradually increase the size of their "thank you" portion of the food they did not like. I developed this strategy because my eldest is on the autistic spectrum with profound sensory issues. Then w/ the other 3 I gotta confess, I just hate our meal together being a battlefield! LOL

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