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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Skype Anyone?

My friend Amber has an endless supply of brilliant ideas in her pretty little head. I'm sure you know, since I mention her regularly. But this idea has got to be one of my favorites. Every week, someone in her extended family reads her kids a bedtime story over Skype. I know! Awesome, right?

So I've solicited the services of members of my and Superman's families to participate in our newfound adventure. I'm utterly stoked. Now, no one has replied to my e-mail yet, but I hope they won't disappoint me and refuse our poor children the experience of a lifetime.

Oh, and if you haven't met our kids yet, and would like a personal introduction, feel free to leave your Skype username (or e-mail me), and we'll give you a call! If you're lucky, we'll act out a story for your kids!


J. said...

that is a briallant idea, i wish we had fast enough internet that i could make my family play that game!

J. said...

oh and I meant to say I gave you a little sunshine on my blog, come and get it.

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