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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Sabbath and a Great Resource!

Lookie what I stumbled across today: This site has some awesome blank printables for art, music, geography, Bible, language arts, and more! It was quickly bookmarked on my computer.

Yesterday, Superman was off work. The weather was incredible, so after about an hour and a half of school, we spent the morning outside working in the yard. Ah, the joys of flip flops. I even painted my toenails.

Part of our school lesson was making Challah and celebrating a traditional Jewish Sabbath (yeah, I know, it wasn't the Sabbath...). Mr. C helped me make the dough (yay for the bread machine!) and then in the afternoon, we went through the steps of a Sabbath dinner.

It started with me lighting two candles, and each of us getting a glass of "wine" (juice). Superman then went to each child and blessed him (we did this while the girls were napping). He came to me, and gave me a blessing as well. It was very moving. I actually had tears in my eyes while I watched our boys receiving blessings from their daddy.

After the blessings, Superman broke the bread and passed it out to each person, and we ate it together.

It was wonderful. Definitely something to celebrate again.

Tomorrow we're going on a field trip to the local grocery store. Should be interesting!


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