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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"It's Because of His Background."

Wow. Sometimes people really amaze me with their lack of consideration.

About a half hour ago, my "mentor teacher" from the charter school came by for our first meeting. After I signed all the paperwork, she asked me why we decided to home school. I told her about Mr. C not being challenged enough, and J-Man needing some extra one-on-one help. And then she said, "Well, that's because of his background." Excuse me?? Surely I just heard you wrong. You, on your first visit, cannot be offering such a blatantly stereotypical comment!

Wow. I really am shocked. I'm not at a loss for words very often, but I really didn't know what to say. I stared at her. She was waiting for me to agree with what she said, but I didn't.

The thing is, that she's right. I mean, he does need help partly because of his background. But she has no clue what his background is. We could have adopted him from someone at birth. We could have been lovingly chosen by a birth mom who had all the prenatal care and vitamins a woman could have during a pregnancy. But what? This woman assumes that because we have this black child, he must certainly need extra help because of "his background"???

I'm sorry for the rant. I am just appalled that someone would come into my house, meet me for the first time, and spew such a ridiculous observation to me.


Shannon K. said...

Ooh...Shanti, I commend you for biting your tongue. That is the most ridiculous comment I've heard. She should not comment on things she knows nothing about. Was she referring to him being adopted? or his racial background and his life before you? Being adopted 6 are his background. Maybe you could request a new you have to work with her on a regular basis?

GB's Mom said...

The ignorance in the world is appalling. I would have had a hard time being civil. Requesting a new "mentor", and telling them why might be worth considering. You are entitled to rant. I would have been hard put to show the level of self-control you showed(though I hope I would have).

:)De said...

Sadly, I am rarely surprised anymore by ignorant comments. Good for you for tempering your tongue... What is the purpose of a "mentor teacher?" Is that part of homeschooling laws in your state? Just curious.

Lisa said...

AAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHH! No she just didn't!!!!!!

J. said...

I don't knowthat I would of bitten my tongue... I too get frustrated when others judge my kids so rant away.

Lee said...

I am so way past the bite my tongue stage. I tend to stare at them like an angry basalisk and say something like "Whatever do you mean?" Some people will unfortunately explain (sigh) Others seem to get the hint and stammer away and apologize. Grrrrr

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