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Monday, April 11, 2011

30 Days of Service Update and Multitude Mondays

So, how are your 30 Days of Service going? We've had a blast thinking of things to do for people each day. Most of our "acts of kindness" have been small, but deliberate. So far, we have: 
*Given a big tip to a waitress and invited her to the Easter service at our church
*Taken a friend's kids cocoa on a cool, overcast morning
*Given a thank you note w/a See's gift card to a doctor that worked on a Sunday in order to help Mr. C w/his ear infection
*Sent special letters to the kids we sponsor through Compassion International
*Given a Jamba Juice gift card/thank you to a dad who volunteers every week to play soccer with a group of kids
*Helped a neighbor haul brush
*Paid for the person behind me in the drive-thru at Starbucks and left a note wishing them a happy day and inviting them to church
*Made fudge babies for a friend as a thank you
*Sang a special song to my {93-year-old} grandma that her mom used to sing to her, she used to sing to my mom, my mom used to sing to me, and now I sing to my girls:

*Donated clothes and diapers to a mom in need

So, you see, most of our acts haven't been difficult, but they've required a bit of thought. It really has been a blessing so far...can't wait for the next few weeks to see what else we get to do! 

68. The dentist and the ability to have our teeth cleaned
69. Having my grandma chime in and sing with the girls and I
70. Looking  up in the dark and seeing a sky filled with bright stars
71. Doctors that work on Sundays!
72. Watching our kids ride on our pigs
73. Making it through a week of no coffee and feeling better for it!
74. Spring cleaning, a.k.a. purging
75. Eating a ripe, cold, sweet mango
76. Seeing my sister
77. Being so close to a hummingbird, I can hear its wings buzzing
78. Clean sheets! 


Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

I love your list of ways to reach out and help! What a great idea!!

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