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Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm turning into a Hippie.

A few years ago, I considered myself a staunch conservative. Big business? Yay for the American dream! Food allergies? What a crock! Holistic doctors? Pshaw! 

These last few years have truly shown me the meaning of "older and wiser." Of course, I'm by no means old...I hope that I'm merely a 1/3 of the way done with my life. Only the Lord knows, though. It's just that as each year goes by, I seem to gain insights I never expected. 

I have become a hardcore supporter of locally-grown, sustainable, organic foods. The closer the food is grown to my house, the better. Grass fed beef? Yes PLEASE. Superman's trials with food allergies and the incredible incompetence of the "conventional" medical system (in our experience) has pushed us toward alternative medicine. I do believe there is a place for conventional medicine, however, and I am more than happy to utilize our traditional doctors when we feel they are the best solution.

I used to think that people with food allergies were a bit...eccentric. Surely, it must be in their heads. How in the world could someone be so allergic to peanuts that it seemingly ruins their life? Why is it that when I was growing up, I didn't know anyone with food allergies, and now they seem rampant? By the way, I have my own theories about that, but it would take a whole other involves genetic modification of foods and a host of other things (see?? I sound like a crazy person!)

I've eliminated any processed food from our diets. I got new running kicks that simulate running barefoot: 

Before I know it, I'll have hair growing out of my armpits and body odor and will sit on our front porch with a certain type of greenery rolled up in a Zig Zag smoking away. OK, I wouldn't actually smoke a joint. Those who know me know I had enough {unwanted} experience growing up with that stuff. 

In all seriousness, I feel like I've crossed some sort of "grown up" threshold. It's like, little by little, my eyes are opened to the possibility that I actually don't know everything, and my view on things is just that: my view. Why is it that we can't see that when we're younger? Why, as teenagers, do we know, without a doubt, that we truly know best? Obviously, the Lord intended things this way. Each experience we have, every person we encounter, every tragedy that hits our lives...they all expand our world view. 

I'm thankful that my world view has expanded. Even if I am becoming a hippie.


Lee said...

Those running shoes fascinate me. I have been reading about them lately. As an allergy sufferer as a child my own family sort of thought allergies were all in your head. Well it was if you were referring to the congestion. Kind of all over my body if you meant the rash! LOL I am also a huge supporter of alternative medicine. Western meds do horrible things to my body. Truly. But I don't exclude them. One of my kids has glaucoma. You can count on the fact that he gets eye drops for ocular pressure 2x a day!

Pappy said...

With at least 2/3 of my life likely gone, I can certainly identify with what you're going through. Life does look different from the other side of 30, and 50, and 60. Not being so dogmatic about things seems reasonable to me, but some think I've sold out, especially religiously, even though by just about anyone's standards I'm still very conservative. Keep expanding your horizons. The view from this side is great.

Sarah said...

My kids went to the chiropractor the day they got out of the hospital, we delay/selective vax, BF, make homemade baby food and do organics whenever we can. I actually think it really is in line with conservative values and Christianity because it is about getting back to what God provided us with and keeping our bodies, which are his temple, as healthy as we can. Would love to try those running shoes too! I still vote Republican though! =)

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