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Friday, January 14, 2011

Chi Running

So I really enjoy running. After a good run, I can come back feeling like I can conquer the world. And I'm only exaggerating a little. I really do feel like I'm invincible after running down the road, feeling the breeze on my face and seeing the beautiful scenery around me. As long as I feel good. Sometimes I finish a run, and my legs are tired, I'm mentally foggy and I just don't have that "euphoric" feeling. Other times, I'm pretty sure I'm Usain Bolt.

I've been on a journey to discover what makes my {running} clock tick. What makes me feel like I could run a marathon some days, and barely run to my front door other days? 

Since going Paleo, my energy level has increased dramatically. I notice my mental clarity, enthusiasm, parenting abilities {a.k.a. patience} and enjoyment of running have improved tenfold. I feel like I've gained back years of my life. But I'm not a runner. I mean, I'm 1/2 Indian, 1/2 white, and I don't think I have a runner's gene in my body. But I think I could be (a runner, that is). Mentally, I think my running has improved. Physically? Not sure yet. 

I've started to focus on my form when running, instead of just going, oblivious to the signals my body is sending me. My Vibram 5 Finger shoes have forced me to feel the way I run. And I've noticed that my form needs some improvement. 

Some running friends of mine recommended the book, "Chi Running," and I decided that since I'm already going down the "all natural" path, I would go ahead and take a looksy. I'm only a few chapters into it, so I have nothing to say pro or con about it yet, but I hope to soon. Tomorrow I'll be running with some friends, and I'll be applying a few techniques I've learned in the book. According to the author, it's all about focusing on your core during running, and allowing your limbs to follow suit. Who knows? Maybe I'll glide effortlessly across the pavement and end my run feeling like I want to keep going and going. I may even end up on your doorstep.

I'll let you know what I think in a few weeks. If you come to my house and see me doing some of this:'ll know I'm liking it. 


Britts said...

Oooh, I'm thinking about getting the finger shoes for my next pair. Jim just read a book called Born to Run, and he was totally inspired and now is running barefoot once a week among other things...based on that author, I think he would say we are all born to run, we just have to do it right, and it sounds like you're doing just that. Way to go runner!

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