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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm Not in Hiding Gorging on Sweets...

It's been almost a month since my full confession. I haven't been hiding. Somehow, these past few weeks went by without me noticing. Or, I guess I noticed, but I couldn't believe that it was really almost June, and therefore it couldn't be. I've been off sugar for about a month. It hasn't been that bad. Yeah, I want need some chocolate. I pass by the local ice cream joint and my mouth salivates. I see commercials for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and I want to jump through the screen and live in that chocolatey, peanut-buttery world for a bit. But, it hasn't been that bad. I guess it depends on your definition of bad

I've been doing lots of baking. Peanut butter cookies, gingerbread cookies, shortbread, pineapple upside-down cake...all made with almond flour and honey as a sweetener. I'd like to say I haven't eaten any of the stuff I've baked, but I'd be lying. And since I'm in "full honesty" mode, I wouldn't want to do that, now would I? I don't know if it's physically possible for me to bake something I know is yummy and not eat some. I suppose I could make things taste nasty, and then sit and laugh as I forced my kids to eat it, knowing I was conquering my addiction, but I truly do find joy in baking for Superman and the kids. And, it's something they look forward to. It's the highest compliment to me when my kids say, "Mommy, that's sooooooo yummy! Can I have more?!" To which I reply, "HECK NO! That's MINE!" I jest, I jest. 

We've wrapped up school for the year, and although my incredible in-laws are going to continue to do math and reading with the kids over the summer, I'm taking the summer off. Initially, I felt that if they were working with the kids, I should probably be doing something too, but I eventually convinced myself that I need a break. I'll be a better teacher in the fall if I have a break from being "teacher." 

The weather has been downright strange these last few weeks. I'm longing for warm weather, but I'm sure in a few weeks I'll be complaining about the 100-degree heat. 

I've continued my ongoing list of 1,000 to be thankful for. Here's what I've written down over the last few weeks: 

102. Laying in the sun on a warm day
103. Watching my sister on t.v.! (She was on the show Yard Crashers!)
104. Skipping school on a day I just want to relax and enjoy the kids
105. Kids sleeping in
106. A stocked fridge
107. Kids making good choices
108. A husband who makes his family a priority (mine!)
109. The smell of alfalfa
110. Going to the fair
111. Wildflowers growing
112. Strawberry season
113. Morning walks with the kids
114. Homemade marshmallows!
115. Date nights with Superman
116. Reading my Bible in a quiet house
117. Cuddling baby animals
118. Hiking with the family
119. Hearing the kids recite memory verses
120. Dinner with friends
121. Seeing J-Man play his guitar on stage
122. Eating cold, fresh, ripe strawberries
123. Realizing how much I love running when I can't do it because of an injury
124. Finishing school!
125. Knowing that Superman has 88 days off of work soon!
126. Having grandparents who are still alive
127. People watching
128. Living in the country
129. Watching "Secret Millionaire."
130. Picking up our weekly fruits and veggies at a farm down the street
131. Purging
132. Seeing clean homeschooling cupboards after purging
133. Knowing there is still sun behind all the clouds
134. Living in a place that has local fruits and veggies year-round
135. Being spontaneous
136. Feeling close to the Lord
137. Seeing our kids be generous with each other
138. Finding a sports doctor who can help my Achilles tendon
139. Hearing birds chirping early in the morning
140. Seeing a hummingbird up close
141. Painted toes
142. Homemade waffles on a Sunday morning

I was participating in the 100 push-up challenge (for the second time), and for the second time, I hit the wall at 60 push-ups. I'm serious, I could NOT do another push-up. I stayed on that day for weeks, trying to gain more, but I couldn't. That's when I decided 60 is good. Sixty is just fine. Sixty is plenty. So, that's that. Tom, my friend, how are your push-ups coming along? 

I injured my Achilles tendon after running my fastest mile almost 3 weeks ago. I'm going to a sports therapist, and he has already helped me immensely, but I still have a few more weeks to go until I can run again. Thank goodness I just pulled it, and didn't tear it. I'll be patient, but in the meantime, I'm going stir crazy for some running. All in good time, I suppose. 

Now I'm trying to figure out how to continue my no-sugar commitment over this summer when birthdays and hot summer nights and memories with the kids all beckon me. Can someone please invent some type of virtual reality where I can binge on sugar and have the same satiety while not actually ingesting anything??


Amy V. said...

Shanti, you crack me up! You really have a talent for writing. Glad to hear the no-sugar thing is going pretty well. I don't know how you're doing it. Wow, your list of things to be thankful for has grown quite a bit! I'm still working on mine, too, but I only remember like once a week to write them down. lol

Sarah Wieder said...

Yikes, I hear those Achilles injuries hurt really bad. Hope you recover soon!

Pappy said...

Shanti, my friend, I'm just competitive enough to find a little bit of satisfaction and hope in the fact that you're stuck at 60 push-ups. However, it may take me awhile to catch you. I recently started up again, just a smidge shy of where I left off due to joint pain. I am momentarily stuck at 30. Thanks for asking.

roses said...
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