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Monday, June 21, 2010

Life Flies By, So I'll Do A Giveaway!

Superman has already been on summer break for two weeks. Tell me, how did that happen? I think having kids makes time go faster. And I really mean that. There must be some sort of crazy quantum physics/time warp thing going on. Because I'm sure that the last two weeks have only been two days.

At any rate, since we just had a time warp, I've missed blogging for a few weeks.
Superman and I had an incredible trip to San Francisco to celebrate our upcoming 12th anniversary. It's amazing what a little over 24 hours away from children can do for the soul.

We saw "Wicked" and even though Superman was asking if we could leave early before we even sat down, he ended up really liking it!

We took a tour of 'Cisco on Segways. Seriously worth the $70/person. It was probably one of the most fun outings we've done together. I was a little worried that my uncoordinated self would fall off {ungracefully}, but I made it through without any incidents.

We walked Fisherman's Wharf and hung out at Union Square and just really enjoyed each others' company.

Mr. C was the proud owner of our family's first black eye. He got a good shiner after running full speed ahead into a metal gun that shoots balls out at a birthday party.

I mean, really, is that not the prettiest shade of purple you ever did see?

Mr. C was pretty proud of his eye for a few days, but he got a little tired of everyone asking what happened. Luckily, he had his seventh birthday to look forward to! Can't believe he's already 7...

We celebrated the first day of summer vacation by doing...what else? Eating!

We spent all last week at our church's Vacation Bible School. There were over 800 kids there, and Superman and I were in charge of handing out Otter Pops. I don't think I need to cut anymore wrappers any time soon...although I do have quite the system down. The kids had a blast.

And Father's Day was a success at our home. The boys made daddy a card that truly spoke to his heart:

...And I gave him a mandarin tree to plant since his last one was a casualty of a big wind storm a few months ago. I did, however, make sure he knew that I loved him by displaying my undying affection for him on myself:

I finished reading "In Defense of Food" and "Farm City." The latter of which, I must say, is now one of my favorites.

And so, that brings me to my giveaway! After being gone from my poor little blog for a few weeks, I noticed I've passed the "50 followers" mark! Amazon has become my new co-best friend (shared with my Kindle). I wanted to share a little of that love. To celebrate, I'm giving away a $20 gift card for!

Just leave me a comment and you're entered! I'll be drawing a name on Friday.


wideopenspaces said...

my amazon addiction is ruining my marriage. for the good of the family - me, please!

mymcmlife said...

pick me! :)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh, that is a pretty purple but wowie, that must have hurt! I'm so jealous you saw Wicked. I love musicals but haven't seen that yet.

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

obladi oblada said...

Great update post. Sounds like SF was a blast. Segways are cool. I have never tried one, but my husband has and it was fun watching him. I will definitely try one some day. I hope the purple eye gets better soon. Ouch!

Pedey said...

So glad you guys got to have a (much deserved) getaway! Looks like you had a great time!

Lee said...

I have seen Segways in action but never been on one; they look so cool. xing my fingers I win the gift card. We have serious book addiction here and summer means extra reading time--at least for the kids!

Sally-Girl! said...

Thanks for the update! Looks like you guys have been having fun fun fun!! Lakeside is doing their summer Blitz this week. The kids are excited to go. We leave for China tomorrow night!!! Gio here we come!

I have a serious book addiction as well that is one reason why I stay away from the Kindle. I like to hold the book in my hand, turn the pages and feel it!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

I was going to leave a comment anyway.....
Wicked was so cute! I really loved the alternate perspective on things!
I can't believe they made you wear a helmet on a Segway, lol. Now that I've said that, I 'm sure to fall off the first one I ever try.
That IS a pretty shade of purple now that you mention it. It would make a great eye shadow.
Glad you had fun on your trip!

J. said...

SF is one of my favourite cities, my sis lives there. Great to hear that you got away, it is so important.

Kitty Hurdle said...

Hey! I just recently added your blog to my list of blogs I read. Thank you for your wonderful witness and living your life in front of us!

Pappy said...

Crash, you're my hero! Suggesting leaving before even sitting down?! I've never been quite that bold, but would love to take some lessons from you.

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