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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chicken Little {{Graphic}}, My birthday, and 12 years of wedded bliss

So once again, two weeks has gone by and I'm not sure how. There's been lots of activity around here...

As promised, here is a visual account of our adventurous chicken slaughter a few weeks back.
My brother and I really had no idea what we were doing. We watched some tutorials online, but there's no real understanding until you've actually done the deed.

We were a bit worried that he wouldn't get the head cut off with one swoop, but in the end, he did a great job...

I just couldn't keep my eyes open. It's like how eyes automatically shut when you was just an automatic reflex. But, as you can see, he cut clean through!

People always use the term "running around like a chicken with its head cut off," but I really underestimated just how much she would be flopping around. She was flopping so much I couldn't hold her down and had to take off running!

Yes, she made it all the way over there all by herself...and with no head, to boot!


Finally done.


Placing her into a scalding bath to loosen the feathers.

She was only supposed to be in there for 90 seconds, but it ended up being close to 3 minutes...I think that may have played a role in the toughness of the meat.

Plucking the feathers was actually quite a bit easier than I thought!

All the icky stuff.

My bro with his finished product:

Aw, she was a good little chicken...

My 32nd birthday was on July 1st.

We spent the morning picking blackberries and got $1 large sodas (which our kids never get!) at McDonald's.

Miss G just got water. Shh, she doesn't know!

My running partners gave me a gift certificate to a local cupcake shop. You know what these are? ROOT BEER FLOAT cupcakes! I kid you not. Seriously divine. I threw my "no sugar" vow out the window for my birthday. I figured I'd enjoy it while I could.

Superman's grandparents were really generous and gave me some spending money for my birthday. I decided to get a food dehydrator with some of the dough, and it's my new best friend (aside from my Kindle). =) We've dried some plums, and I'm making plum/blackberry fruit rolls as I type.

Kids eat free at Carrows every day for the summer, so we decided to go out one night. You get one free kids meal for every adult entree purchased, so Mr. C decided to draw a mustache on himself so he could pass as a grown up. It must have worked, because the waitress didn't even question us. He is pretty convincing, afterall...

And being that yesterday was 7/11, it was free Slurpee day at 7-11. It's become a tradition that every year for our anniversary (which just happens to fall on that day), we really splurge and go get the whole family free Slurpees. Mmmm....watermelon.

I'm really excited about a speaker who we are flying out to speak to our adoption network in November. I'll share more about her next week!


:)De said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I too love my food dehydrator. Our favorites are pears and strawberries.


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

WEll, I am about as impressed as I could be with that chicken! You are very brave! VERY!

Those cupcakes are adorable- this was from your running group? Like, people you exercise with? LOL! Share!

obladi oblada said...

That was a fun post..well, except for the chicken part. Did you cut the feet off and pull the tendons to make the claws move...thats fun...Ive done that when my friends parents were slaughtering chicken.

MMMM...rootbeer float cup cakes sound sooo good...and now Im going to have to check our 7-11 next year for free slurpees...I wonder if they all do that...

Rachelle said...

Hey it's Danee's friend Rachelle, I've been thinking about you. Would you please send me your email at

Pappy said...

My first chicken was when I was 19. City kid trying to be country. Couldn't get the hang of breaking its neck with a flick of the risk, so I put two nails in a board with the chicken's head on one side and the body on the other. I pulled on the body to stretch the neck then lopped off the head. They really do flop around! I couldn't bring myself to eat that first one.

Iris Higby said...

You have no souls. There are black holes where your hearts should be!

Anonymous said...

this is pathetic. "newly ordained"?? and you teach your kids to kill?
oh but everyone needs to eat right?
I am a vegan for over 20 years Im still alive. so are millions of others. So if it comes down to "Personal Choice" then why would an "ordained minister" CHOOSE cruelty? And to teach this to kids.. that is child abuse! A child is not naturally a born killer. They have to be taught this way.

Most people can't see past their nose.. its all about ME ME ME. Im a "good person"...

When you start to see the big picture, you will see that besides the obvious cruelty, there is HUGE collateral damage to the planet.

Do you think these "super storms" and tsunamis, 5 volcanos erupting simultaneously are all just coincidence?

it takes 25 times as much land to grow crops for animals, then when the animal is slaughtered, only 35% makes it to the table of humans.

it takes 2500 gallons of water to produce ONE 1/4lb "burger"
it takes 750 gallons of water to produce ONE quart of milk
we lose 65 acres of rainforest every minute of every day due to factory farming.
we have less than 40 years of rainforests left on the planet
Im asking you, if you are a religios person, to look up vegan.

the planet is billions of years old but this is the first time in the planet's history that we have had internet to share this information.

people thought smoking was cool only 15 years ago

100's of years ago, Myans were tossing babies to the "Volcano Gods"

Evolution is not something that happened in the past, its an ongoing thing.

please seek out veganism.

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